• Each LP Mode garment is carefully made by hand by one tailor, Alyssa Pichardo.

  • Alyssa is a tailor, pattern designer, and cutter. For the past two decades she has learn to design and sew every type of garment from lingerie to outerwear.

  • They thrive crafting outerwear and statement pieces from luxurious cloths - wool tweeds, silk brocades, high-quality twills.

  • Every vintage and couture fabric is sourced from Alyssa's life and travels in Montréal, New York, Milan, Thai silk villages, and mills across Oregon and the Carolinas. These materials inspire their genderless garment designs and dictate the silhouettes of each collection. 

  • Alyssa apprenticed with the sustainably-focused head tailor, Drea at Hidden Opulence Design House, from 2020-2022. Since then, they have been honing their pattern-making and tailoring craft - learning the traditions of Saville Row cutters.

Maximalist Style Meets Traditional Tailoring

  • Sustianable fashion and tailored garments do not have to be quiet to be sophisticated. By using vibrant textiles, unique handweaving and handstitching, LP Mode's styles are constructed with traditional techniques but dripping in colour.

  • Garment fit is key to a sustainable closet - we want your clothing to grow and change with you over time. Each piece is designed to be timeless, alterable, and repairable for long-playing slow fashion. Reach out to us about repairing or altering your LP Mode garments.